Five Korean Startups Debut in Denmark, Hoping for Success in Northern Europe


JD Sound, K&P Medical, and three other Korean startups have been nominated by Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) to expand its presence to Denmark. After finishing the orientation held by the Danish Embassy, the five startups took off to Denmark on Thursday, August 14 to kick off its debut in northern Europe.

Denmark, a newly nominated country for global startup country, is only ten percent of Korea’s population and fifty percent of the territory.  Yet, it is in the top ranks in the startup world as it ranks fifth in workplace environment and first place in startup opportunity area. It not only has a great geopolitical access to mainland Europe and Northern Europe, but also provides equal treatments for foreign startups in real estate acquisition, financial approach, and tax favor. Denmark is a great starting point for Korean startups to expand in Europe.

The Korean SMBA selected Scion DTU and StartupBootcamp as the two Danish accelerators. Of the two, Scion DTU has appointed both JD Sound and K&P Medical as training services that will provide free support programs.

StartupBootcamp, a high-ranking accelerator in Europe, selected three startup candidates to provide trainings to succeed in the European market.

JD Sound, a Korean startup company that manufactures audio equipment, will be collaborating with Denmark’s prestigious audio production company, Bang & Olufsen to expand its markets in Europe. K&P Medical hopes to benefit from Denmark’s leading medical industry.

“Since the medical industry in Denmark is the most successful business area in the world, I plan a re-entry to Korea with a successful stepping stone in Denmark,” said Ji Hoon Kang, the CEO of K&D Medical.

Thomas Lehmann, the Danish Ambassador, is rather hopeful and proud of SMBA’s collaboration with Denmark and envisions Denmark and Korea’s partnership to be strengthened.


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