Tapjoy, Leading Mobile Advertisement and Monetization Platform, Acquires 5Rocks


On August 6, 2014, Tapjoy announced its acquisition of Korean technology startup, 5Rocks. Supported by software development giants like NHN Games and Mynet Inc., 5Rocks is deemed one of the most powerful LTV analysis and marketing operations platform available. The details of the merger have yet to be disclosed.

Founded in 2010, 5Rocks has since demonstrated its finesse as a data analysis and management solutions provider. Founded by Changsu Lee and Chester Roh, accomplished leaders of the East Asian tech industry, 5Rocks now proudly proclaims a clientele of over 400 firms. Venture capitals such as Global Brain and Adways have also invested in 5Rocks’ market potential.

5Rocks’ achievements are rooted in the comprehensive set of capabilities its services provide. Its powerful features like the User Segmentation engine and its flexible Cohort Analysis allow game and app developers to engage in rigorous analysis of their traffic. Analysis may be enacted by criteria such as users’ purchase history, geographic location, and smartphone device type. Other service capabilities include an A/B Testing feature that gauges the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, an automatic notification system that traces movements in traffic and sales, and detects any anomalies in trends.

Tapjoy, as the mobile industry’s leading app-tech company, offers software developers the means of maximizing value through ad-based monetization and analytic solutions. Over 450 million active users worldwide are exposed to Tapjoy’s mobile advertisements on a monthly basis. Tapjoy anticipates substantial optimization of its services through merging its ad monetization platform nGen with 5Rocks’ data analytical expertise.

The integration will find means to not only sustain developers’ existing active user activity, but it will also possess the potential to recover less-active, wayward users using micro-adjustable marketing strategies. For instance, by carefully examining the reception of a previous month’s marketing strategies, Tapjoy can tailor future advertisements according to the exhibited preferences of different groups of users using its enhanced user segmenting capacity.

With the acquisition of 5Rocks, Tapjoy will become a complete ad-tech and app-tech solution for maximizing LTV and raising revenue for app developers.

“5Rocks’ services are complementary to what we have built at Tapjoy, and our combined platforms and team will have the technology, products and expertise to increase advertising effectiveness and help further define the future of app engagement and monetization services,” said Steve Wadsworth, the president and CEO of Tapjoy.

5Rocks corporation and its services will continue to function for its consumers following the merger. Lee will assume the position of Vice President of Publisher Analytics and Insights and will continue to lead the 5Rocks team.

5Rocks is expected to completely integrate with Tapjoy’s nGen by Q4 2014.




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