Daddy’s 40, the Best Guide for Soon to be Dads


Mobile apps that provide intelligent personal assistant services and information are widely becoming popular. The key to success of today’s apps is to provide the information that users want even before they ask. Daddy’s 40, a pregnancy parenting push service, has been popular among soon to be dads, providing all the information they need to know during their wives’ pregnancy.

Daddy’s 40 regularly informs expecting dads of their wive’s health and other pregnancy details in a conversational form. Once the user enters the due date, the app automatically sends detailed information pertaining to each stages of pregnancy. When the user slides the screen with the push message, he can see further details, along with a stylized illustration of the current state of the baby.

Daddy’s 40 provides information contributed by professionals and experts such as the former Planning Director of Public Dental Association, the author of “Our Sound Prenatal Music” and programming director of a Korean broadcasting corporation, and the expertise of numerous obstetricians. Each week’s information is separated into three different categories.

Recent studies have shown increases in the number of to be mothers suffering from insomnia. In order to help with the condition, Daddy’s 40 has a feature for mothers to listen to different sounds of nature. Currently, Chamchi The Company, the developer of Daddy’s 40, is actively seeking customer feedback by giving out maternity packages to users who leave constructive comments.

South Korea is well known for its worsening low birth rate, as the birth rate stumped to an astonishing 1.2 children per woman in 2010. The mother’s average age at first birth has increased to 30.3 in 2011, which is almost five years higher than that of in US in 2009. Both of these factors lead to Korean parents’ putting more weight onto each pregnancy, as mothers have higher health risks with age. Such factors may be used to understand the impressive result of a thousand downloads within the first twenty days of its launch on Google Play.

Jae Hyun Choi, the  CEO of Chamchi The Company, stated that he “made this service to ensure that the breathtaking experience of giving birth is an experience filled with bliss for mothers and the entire family”. The startup is currently developing Chinese and Japanese version, and plans to expand to commercial business for mothers in partnership with pharmacies.

Chamchi The Company currently runs a podcast starring mothers and has reached first place in children/family section within two weeks of its launch.



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