Top Social Media Marketing Agency Innobirds Unites with Yellow Digital Marketing


Innobirds, Korea’s very first social media marketing agency, recently joined Yellow Digital Marketing (YDM). Innobirds is not only the first in Asia, but also the fourth worldwide to become Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) partner.

YDM is a subsidiary company of Yellow Mobile that has received the public’s attention as a prospect among venture enterprises, and is a new-media marketing group that has been taking the Korean social media scene by the storm. The firm has already acquired top-notch companies such as Cauly, number one in the mobile advertising platform and BCNX, the best among viral marketing agencies. They also acquired Korea’s top digital agency Emotion and advertisement agency Purple Friends, ultimately turning the firm into a multi-billion marketing group.

Innobirds’ becoming the PMD of Facebook will help the company with its goal of globally expanding its influence as a media agency. Its partnership as the PMB indicates Facebook’s public recognition of Innobirds’ technical skills in one or more of the four different parts pertaining to Facebook marketing (Pages, Ads, Apps, and Insights).

“Innobirds is not only the first domestic and Asian company to get the PMD recognition, but also is the only company in Korea to be certified in all four fields that Facebook lists,”said Sang-Suk Lee, the CEO of Innobirds.

Innobirds has been the social media marketing agency representing major conglomerates like Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors since its establishment in 2007. As a first-generation social media marketing company, Innobirds has much to bring to the table. It has not only acted as the main marketing agent for the aforementioned domestic benchmark companies and more like POSCO, Hanwha, KT&G, etc., but also as an unrivaled marketing agent for Facebook.

With Innobirds’ joining YDM, it now has seven benchmark companies in the Korean new-media field, a powerful coalition force that now believes, with the help of Innobirds, will double its value as a marketing firm. Innobirds’ entrance into YDM as the rising star of social-media marketing will benefit YDM in attracting various clients. The firm hopes to continue to develop as a progressive business that contributes to the development of both domestic and global digital-marketing field.



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