Red Sahara Studio Has High Hopes in Immortal Warrior


Immortal Warrior, a recently launched mobile game by Red Sahara Studio, ranked top ten since the first week of its release and maintains its popularity in the Korean mobile game market. Red Sahara Studio believes that the game’s success stems from its consumer and employee-friendly attitude and aims to expand its services outside of Korea.

Built on Kakao Corp’s gaming platform, Kakao Game, Immortal Warrior is a mobile role-playing game. Kakao has a fair share of the Korean mobile game industry, at 66 percent of the $1.1 billion market. Immortal Warrior is currently ranked ninth in the Kakao Game gross chart and has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

Immortal Warrior stands out from other mobile RPGs with its combat system. Gamers who prefer controlling characters themselves can choose to override auto-mode, and take charge of the skills they use in battles. This helps users to become more immersed in the virtual combat, and also allow them to customize their characters’ development path.

Jihoon Lee, chief executive of Red Sahara Studio, believes that the company’s efforts to put its employees at ease have helped its recent success. The company’s new office offers free drinks and snacks, a dartboard, massage chairs, and gaming consoles for worn-out programmers and designers. Employees call each other by their nicknames or English names instead of formal titles so that they can communicate in a less hierarchical environment. Such measures, according to Lee, have helped boost productivity among employees.

Lee has also pointed out Red Sahara Studio’s willingness to meet its customers’ demands as another factor that has driven the company’s success with Immortal Warrior. “We have always considered customer satisfaction as our top priority and focused on improving their gaming experience with Immortal Warrior. Gamers seem to understand our efforts to satisfy their needs,” said Lee. Red Sahara Studio is currently concentrating on improving the company’s infrastructure for improved services and listening to users’ opinions for future updates.

After four months of successful operation in Korea, The company is also planning to launch Immortal Warrior in other countries. “Many Korean mobile game developers have successfully entered the global market without other third-party distributors,” said Lee. “We are looking for partners to help release Immortal Warrior in some regions, but if able we will also consider release it by ourselves in other areas.”


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