Seoul Date POP, All-Inclusive Date Night Planner


In Seoul, Korea, one of the world’s most wired cities, dating apps are a must for couples trying to break away from their usual dating routines. Seoul Date POP, developed by 10fingers, brings to the app market a service that would ease couples wondering what to do in Seoul for a perfect date.

Seoul Date POP is an all-inclusive mobile service, offering a complete package of date night ideas that include restaurants, cafes, theaters, and more. It is a one-stop application that saves its users from sifting through multiple search results, as other dating apps only offer single, individual recommendations. Seoul Date POP provides photos, maps, and detailed descriptions on the estimated time required, ticket prices, points of interest, personal impressions, and so on. Couples who are still not sold by the thorough guides can read reviews from other users to help make the decision.

The sheer amount and quality of information Seoul Date POP offers is another factor behind its success. The application boasts of a large database of more than 500 guides, all of them visited and organized personally by the app’s content managers. Although the app’s service is limited to the South Korean capital, Seoul Date POP has been downloaded for more than 320,000 times in Google Play store by the end of July 2014.

Even before it was sponsored by the Startup Patronage Program offered by the Korean Small and Medium Business Administration, the developers of Seoul Date POP has already received accolades from several mobile application contests. The financial, logistic, and legal support from the Korean government was not only a huge encouragement for the app’s developers, but also a reinforcement of the startup’s promising future. Acknowledging the application’s potential, the startup venture capital Coolidge Corner Investment recently announced that it will invest 400 million won ($390,000) in 10fingers, the developer of Seoul Date POP.

The venture capital seems to believe that Seoul Date POP is heading toward a huge success. “We could witness the startup team’s passion and teamwork during the Startup Patronage Program. We also believe that this application will be popular among young couples and newlyweds,” said Jin Seok Oh, the investment manager of Coolidge Corner.

To fully receive support from the venture capital, 10fingers will move to CCVC Value-Up Center and receive a year of coaching from Coolidge Corner.


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