Teletalkvi Secures Investment from Yello Mobile


Teletalkvi, a social TV service startup, announced that Yello Mobile will be investing in its platform on August 25, 2014. Yello Mobile has recently been aggressively pursuing M&As — with a total of 22 venture acquisitions in the past two years. Developers of Teletalkvi hope that their partnership with Yello Mobile will help them explore cooperation with other partner apps to deliver enhanced services.

Teletalkvi has two facets to its services— video curation, and an embedded social network platform. Video curation allows users to search by keyword names and titles, and retrieve a sorted list of TV show clips that are mostly uploaded on YouTube. Teletalkvi helps users save time by grouping haphazardly named clips by show title, episode number, upload date, and popularity. Instead of going through several webpages for clips that are all labeled differently and out of order, users can ask Teletalkvi to do the sorting job for them.

On the other hand, Teletalkvi’s social feature allows users to create chat rooms while they watch a video clip and exchange comments on the spot. Although there are applications like Soty, Catch TV, or Get Glue that provide similar social TV services, Telekalbi is the only application that permits users to create chat rooms to share and discuss their thoughts, just as they do on social networking platforms.

Video curation and social network platforms are becoming increasingly popular in South Korea. JellyCam, an application launched by a video sharing website, Pandora TV, helps its users to collect videos or photos from Facebook or Twitter and share with their friends in the chat rooms they create within the application. Olleh TV mobile, a Korean VOD service provider, also launched Olleh FunZone, a video curation service that gathers the most popular video clips in one place. According to an insider of the industry, video curation services are expected to grow as Korean TV broadcasters make more contents available online.

As of now, Teletalkvi provides curation services for more than a hundred Korean TV shows. With growing global popularity of Korean pop-culture, Teletalkvi plans to launch Japanese and English sites by the first half year of 2015.


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