Uzbrain Introduces the Ultimate Wearable Ring, Motion Ring


With so many electronic devices as a part of our lives, people now ask for easier ways to use and control them.Uzbrain’s Motion Ring is perhaps one gadget that attempts to address that need.

The Motion Ring, a wearable device that responds to hand motions, made quite a splash when it was showcased at the Wearable X Fair last Saturday. Equipped with a 3D motion sensor, the Motion Ring can detect three-dimensional movements to manipulate smart devices like smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones via Bluetooth. The 0.5-ounce ring is worn on your index finger, and supports six hours of continuous use and 20 hours in power-saving mode.

The Motion Ring recognizes over eighty different gestures for various platforms. Users can use the ring as a controller for first-person shooter games that do not require complex keyboard controls. Users can also navigate a smart TV—he or she can increase the volume with a clockwise flick of the wrist and change channels by tracing numbers in the air. Users can also use the ring for laptops and Android phones to navigate the web. With a few gestures with the ring, users can even take long-range selfies.

One useful feature is the ability to controlpresentations with a simple, quick flick of the wrist. Users can start or end a presentation, or switch between slides.

Uzbrain explains that even if users do not master every one of the eighty gestures, users can create customized experiences by learning key gestures that they are most comfortable with.

Although there have been many wearable rings in the wearable market,such as the Nod (which was available for pre-order in April), and the crowd-funded NFC Ring, Motion Ring is the first in its kind for South Korea. As a small firm established in 2009, Uzbrain aims to produce devices that complement, rather than compete with existing wearables in the market.

Motion Ring is a step in the right direction for wearable devices. Although the ring still requires improvements, it shows a promising future for wearable devices. Won Yu Seok, Uzbrain’s CEO, plans to open the API for developers and incorporate fashion for future rings.


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