WithWeb Launches Ental, Aims to become Korea’s Netflix


WithWeb, a leading Korean Startup, recently launched its own N-Screen service app ENTAL. N-screen service is a video streaming platform that allows users to watch contents on tablets, smart phones, and laptops. Netflix and Hulu are few of the leading N-screen service providers available today.

As the only service provider with Full HD contents, ENTAL has an advantage in the Korean market. ENTAL also offers a video curation service called ‘What towatch?’, which suggests movies or dramas according to user preferences.

Compared to the U.S., the N-Screen market in South Korea is relatively underdeveloped. There are only few N-Screen services available in the country, where most of them are offered by larger corporations such as CJ Hello Vision (Tiving), LG U+ (Uflix), SK Communications, or major broadcasting stations (pooq). It has been a challenge for startups to enter the N-Screen market due to the difficulties of hosting large media contents libraries. Yet, the market is growing rapidly, recording nearly 24 million subscribers market wide as of 2013.

WithWeb, though entering the market as a startup, has already demonstrated success in developing other apps. “How’s Here” (Yeogi Uhddae), a mobile LBS (Location Based Service) application that suggests places to stay according to the user’s current location, has ranked third in the Korean App Store under the free apps category in June 2014.

WithStream, a digital media solution that transcodes videos, and enables smoother and faster video streaming and uploading. This solution is implemented by more than 90% of major Korean online storage websites.

With their previous successes in mind, WithWeb envisions ENTAL to become the Korean Netflix or Hulu, differentiated by its customer-focused service and technology. A WithWeb insider says that they “expectthe N-Screen market to become more competitive with more startups entering the market, which would in effect bring more benefits to consumers.”

The company added that ENTAL will continue to put effortsin becoming Korea’s leading N-Screen platform, working fromthecustomer’s perspectives and creatingimmediatevalue.






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