Keukey Resolves Typos with Just One Keyboard Swipe

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On September 1, typo correcting keyboard app Keukey was officially released in the US and South Korea Google Play stores. The app positions itself as a time-saver for smartphone users to correct typos without using backspaces or moving cursors.

Just as it sounds, the app takes keyboard swipes as cues for correction. Instead of moving around cursors or tapping on the backspace key, users can simply swipe to do three things: correcting a typo, shifting the order of words, and changing words of similar contexts.

To fix a typo, all the user needs to do is type the corrected word at the end, and swipe down on the keyboard. Swiping down also takes care of changing related words, such as “lunch” with “dinner.”

The other distinguishable feature of Keukey is the ability to recognize related words. The user can type a word to replace the existing word in a sentence, then without further indication and with just one downward swipe, the intended word gets replaced.

Keukey can recognize related words with its pattern-matching algorithm. While other auto correcting apps use a word bank based on the dictionary, Keukey detects similarities in letter positions to replace only words under the intended context. The app recognizes both plain language and slangs.

Keyboards currently come in four design themes – black and white, pastel, vintage, and “floating.” Keukey plans to launch a theme shop to give users more ways to personalize the look of their keyboards.

Keukey has already been recognized for its potential success. In 2013, it became the 22nd startup company to be incubated by Korean venture capital firm Primer. Keukey has also won first place at BeLaunch 2014, an annual startup conference for emerging and established startups in Korea.

The app will also be available in Apple’s App Store later this year.

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