Etribe Releases Android Pet Game “My Larva”


Etribe (CEO Jumin Lee) released its new Android game My Larva on August 29. The comic pet-keeping game features two larvae, Yellow and Red, as main characters that users can feed and touch to make them giggle, frown, and even fart.

First made into a TV series by Tuba Entertainment in 2011, Larva has become popular in Korea, as well as in South East Asia and South America. These colorful invertebrates have acquired a large fanbase with slapstick comedy and silly jokes, which were previously unheard of in the Korean animation industry. Most animation characters born in the country are cute and ever smiling.

In the game, the characters gain energy from the player’s voice, which in turn is used for playing mini games. Players earn coins from the games to buy ridiculous costumes and wigs to dress up the larvae. Three mini games are available within: card-flip memory “Clap Clap Clap,” whack-a-mole “Pluck Pluck Pluck,” and romantic role-playing “Love Love.” Note that the Korean phonetic titles are easier to pronounce (to the native tongue) and actually funny.

Other mobile simulation games in the market are Princess Maker for Kakao and Age of Tank by China Mobile Games Entertainment Korea (CMGE Korea). Modeled after its original PC version from the 90s, Princess Maker ranked second highest among games on KakaoTalk, with more than 2 million downloads in Korea last week. In this game, users become a parent of a daughter and raises her until she “moves out.” Age of Tank, the first war strategy mobile game in the market, also ranked 2nd in the free game category in Google Play last week. Age of Tank flaunts its fast-paced, dynamic story with sophisticated warfare strategies.

Unlike these two, however, My Larva targets a wide age-range of audience, as it distinguishes itself from the mainstream mobile game market mainly used by mid- and hard-core players. This easy-to-learn game allows anyone who is older than a 5-year-old to play.

My Larva’s first update will be available in mid-September, with new brain games and more upgrade items for existing mini games. Furthermore, Etribe plans to hold a contest to gather ideas for three additional new mini games that will be available by the end of the year.

Etribe Producer Juho Lee said that the company hopes to collaborate with the players in creating a more enjoyable and user-friendly game. My Larva is now available for free on Google Play and SK Planet’s T-Store.

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