Global Startup OGQ Hits 45 Million Downloads Worldwide


Since its release in 2011, OGQ Background HD app hit more than 45 million downloads, 33 million monthly users, 500 million image downloads, and ranked as top ten most downloaded app in thirty five different countries .

Developed by OGQ (Open, Global, Question), OGQ Background is an image-curating app for beautifying home screens. Although the app started in South Korea, the app has become rapidly popular overseas. Currently, OGQ Background is one of the most popular apps in US, Russia, Brazil, and India. Within a year since release, it was identified as one of the most downloaded app worldwide by Google PlayStore. 95% of users are non-Koreans, a promising indication of the developer team’s potential to succeed in the global market.

OGQ attributes its success to its Lean Startup business model that helped reduce market risks and inefficiencies. Currently, there are only seven full-time developers. Although most of them do not have much prior experience in design or art, team members are said to have worked beyond their areas of specialty to deliver the product.

“Everyone at OGQ always thinks about which image will appeal to the users the most. Now everyone became great curator in selecting the right image for our users” said Moo Gung Kim, the CEO of OGQ. “We work as a team to discover great artists and illustrators and negotiate rights to use their work in our service.”

Unlike other apps in the market that offer over 20 million smartphone background images, OGQ Background only offers 6000 pictures. Yet, the app trumps others in the number of image downloads. OGQ believes that it has fared better by pursuing quality over quantity.

Artists featured on OGQ Background use the platform as an online exhibition channel, for advertising their artwork as well as their personal blogs. Starting next year, OGQ plans to coordinate opportunities for artists to meet up with their fans.

OGQ continuously seeks to grow as a global company.Kim said that OGQ’s “open API will allow many other services to use high quality artworks without worrying about loyalty or copyrights.” “We want to connect many promising artists with users, so that we can offer great opportunities for the former to showcase their work and interact with the public.”


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