SEWORKS Hosts the 2014 KAIST-Postech Science War


Mobile security startup Sework Inc. hosted Science War at the 2014 KAIST-Postech War. Since 2002, this annual competition was held in order to encourage constructive rivalry among students from KAIST and Postech, two prominent engineering schools in South Korea. Students who represent their respective schools compete against each other in a variety of different fields. Among the many, Science War is a hacking competition designed to increase awareness of the importance of cyber security. Sework gave participants hacking challenges to test their talents and skills.

“We are excited to be a part of this wonderful competition among Korea’s smartest engineering students. I take this opportunity as a great way to find wonderful talents. [The Company] likes to extend invitation to those with great talent to join our team and contribute to our study of cyber security. Every year, as we prepare the questions for students, we also learn tremendously; we test our ability and evaluate ourselves. There is always something to learn from these students every year. We look forward to host this battle every year,” said Mr. Min-Pyo Hong, the CEO of Seworks, Inc.

Seworks Inc., was founded in 2012 by a group of five-time DEFCON finalists. The company offers a suite of cyber-security services for smartphones and applications. Just last year, both Soft Bank Ventures Korea and Qualcomm invested about $2 million, expressing their positive view on Seworks as the company with potential to grow as a leader in the global digital security sector.

Currently, its products include AppSecure for iOS and Android, and Medusah for Android. Both products provide unique features to protect the user’s apps on their smartphones. For instance, AppSecure enables users to track each individual app downloads to detect tampering, unauthorized changes, and attempts at piracy. Medusah, on the other hand, uses binary level obfuscation to give users anti-decompile, anti-repackaging, and anti-memory hack protection. The company also offers a free security app called Smishing Guard, which protects users against phishing SMS texts.

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