Albam Offers Easier Timesheet Management for Small Businesses


Earlier this September, SIDEA launched Albam, a smartphone app that organizes timesheet data for small businesses. The app comprehensively manages employee data by tracking part-time employees’ work hours, automatically calculating wages, and forwarding employee wage data to tax accountants.

Albam uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to reliably track the part-time employees’ work hours. The app works on smartphones to ensure an accurate recording of time sheets. When the employee arrives at the workplace, the app sends a push-notification, reminding them to check in. Then, when the employee checks in, Albam sends another notification to the manager. Albam ensures that employees can only check in when they are within the premises.

South Korea is the home to many franchises, retail stores, and restaurants. It is also the home to 5.726 million self-employed persons, many of whom are small business owners. In 2012, the reported percentage of small business owners in South Korea was 28.2%, considerably higher than the US’s 6.8% and the OECD average of 15.8%. An unstable labor market and relative lack of job security speaks to such high percentage of small business owners.

Most of these small businesses rely on part-time employees for their services. Albam seeks to tap into this market by providing efficient ways of managing the employee and their wage data. Existing timesheet technologies include paper timesheet recorders and fingerprint-based recorders, which range from eighty to three hundred dollars. Albam promises to cut down these costs of traditional timesheet technologies by 95 percent.

The app is currently undergoing a testing phase during the month of September, during which it will test the app on franchises like WA-BAR and Gram Gram. The app plans to expand into more franchises and small businesses after the testing period.

“Many franchise managers have complained about keeping track of employee timesheet data,” stated a source at WA-BAR. “We decided to test out Albam because it provided an intuitive and efficient solution.”

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