Free Printing for College Students, Add2Paper and Freenters


Founded last 2010, Add2Paper provides a free printing service for college students as well as advertisement platforms for various companies.  Advertisers can conduct target-marketing focusing on different students by printing advertisements at the bottom of the printed pages or on the mobile app.

College students can print papers for free by earning points through the app and having ads on their papers. If the students do not want the advertisements on the bottom of the pages, students can pay to print without the ads. Colleges can use Add2Paper’s printing management system for free. Total of eighty colleges (which are about 60% of the four year colleges with over 2,000 students in Korea) across the country are partnering with Add2Paper and there are over 1,000 printers available for over 300,000 users.

Similar to Add2Paper, Freenters is also offering a free printing service in the US. As 22-year-old CEO Hye-Sung Kim saw opportunity in Add2Paper model, he adapted the model into the US and started at his own alma mater, University of Chicago. Freenters seeks advertisers around the college area, like restaurants and local services.

Last April, the CEOs of Add2Paper and Freenters met in Seoul, Korea. Hannah Jeon, the CEO of Add2Paper said that she was encouraged by Freenters’ success in US and talked about the possibility of working together.

Freenters have been attracting interests from banks like Citibank and J.P. Morgan Chase that are hoping to target college freshmen. According to WSJ Korea, the company is valued at $3 million. The company is planning to expand into 120 colleges by the end of this year and 2,000 by the end of next year.

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