Kakao Pick: The Next Mobile Shopping App


On September 22, Kakao Inc. launched a unique mobile shopping service, Kakao Pick.

Kakao Pick offers various products that are carefully curated by the MDs at a reasonable price. What makes this shopping app unique is that users receive additional discounts when they share the product information with their friends. The new platform marks another step in Kakao’s ongoing efforts to combine some of their social networking features from Kakao Talk and mobile commerce services like Kakao Pay.

The business model of Kakao Pick originated from the Today’s Special Deal feature on Kakao Talk, in which different sale items are offered each day. Continuing the success of this feature, Kakao Pick also features products at discounted price, with more varieties of choices than in the Kakao Talk feature.

The company offers a unique product line by categorizing products into several different themes. Some of the themes include Designer’s Pick featuring celebrated designer brands, Idea Pick for unique and creative products, Mania Pick for special-interest focused products, and With Kakao for Kakao brand labeled products manufactured in collaboration with smaller companies.

Kakao Pick also introduced a new feature called Friend Chance. Through Friend Chance, users can get additional discounts if they share their purchase information with friends of similar interests and tastes. Depending on the product, users can share information with up to three to five of their friends and get up to 55% off. Each additional friend increases the discount. Friends can also get the same amount of discount if they decide to purchase the same products.

Kakao Pick is also notable for its convenient mobile transaction system, and simple design user interface. The platform has integrated Kakao Pay to simplify payment processes, allowing users to enjoy a swift shopping experience.

Currently, Kakao Inc. is progressing towards its merger with Daum Communications, the second largest web portal in Korea. Since announcement of the mega merger, Kakao has been rigorously launching new services like Kakao Pay and Kakao Taxi over the past few weeks.

Integration with Daum Communications will take effect in October 1st.

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