Daum Maps Renews API Website for Greater Accessibility

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Daum Communications has revealed a new Maps API website to the public this week in hopes of making the integration process more accessible for developers. The upgrade includes a completely redesigned interface, various example codes, and easy to follow instructions.

Daum has opened several of its application APIs to third-party developers. Although the company’s former API sites have included tutorials and examples for beginners, their layouts have been largely difficult to navigate, as instruction materials were scattered throughout various locations.

The new Maps API site, along with full list of documentations, features a search bar for faster lookups. Developers can also interact with example codes to play around with features and see immediately how they would look upon implementation. Provided sample codes are available for web, Android, and iOS environments.

The new site comes at a time when Daum Maps is introducing new features. The app now offers bike trails, live traffic, and topography layers as viewing options. Daum Maps now also allows Custom Overlay for developers to customize information labels, as well as the design of any desired landmark. Daum now also supports HTTPS format for secure map information transfers between its servers and users.

Developers interested in using Daum Maps API service can request their own API keys on the website, which is restricted to 10,000 free uses per day. Daum Maps API is implemented by more than 6,000 websites and applications, making it one of the most popular map services in Korea.

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