Earthtory Provides Personalized Travel Guidebook


Founded in 2012, Earthtory is an app that allows individuals to create personalized travel itineraries and guidebooks. Targeting individual travellers, the service hopes to make vacation planning easier by helping them decide where to visit, eat, and stay based on how close places are to each other.

For many people, one of the most difficult parts of planning a vacation is figuring out the most time efficient route that will allow them to visit as many places as they want. Blogs and travel guidebooks often fail to provide information tailored to each traveller.

As a solution, Earthtory offers a new way to collect and organize information on travel sites. It not only provides information on major tourist sites, restaurants, hotels, and shopping information for about seventy different countries that are popular amongst Koreans, but also holds a large amount of data that is further organized into historical remains, museums, nightspots, and other categories.

Users can also clip, or bookmark the sites they want to visit and receive a recommended route. For example, if the user is planning a holiday in Barcelona, he or she simply has to clip the city airport, the hotel reserved, sites like La Barceloneta beach, and click the “Find Route” button to receive personalized transportation options.

It also suggests sites near the route that the user may visit. The personalized guidebook can be made into a PDF and be used abroad on smartphones or tablet PCs without internet connection.

Currently, Earthtory is participating in an acceleration program by Hanhwa S&C DreamPlus. In October 3rd and 4th, Earthtory will be taking part in Dream Plus Day 2014, a global conference organized by Hanhwa S&C that aims to connect startups with accelerators from around the world.

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