IWING, Interactive eBook for Children and Adults alike


IWING (imagination plus wing) is an innovative e-book platform that allows parents to read and make recordings of storybooks for their children. Through its social network platform, users can share their recordings and creative contents with other users and their children at any time.

On May 15, 2014, IWING launched its first beta service for Android and iOS. Another beta service (Beta 1.5) that was launched in early September included a number of new features such as the segmentation of storybooks based on age group and genre, and integrated search, purchase, and management of books. The new updates allow users to enjoy the app’s wide range of resources more conveniently and more efficiently by providing lists of best-selling books and diverse themes of storybooks.

The updated version also provides a list of recommended books that is customized to individuals based on their preferences and extensive analytics of the users’ reading activities.

Three months after IWING launched its initial beta service, more than 40,000 children books were shared through IWING’s SNS. In the meantime, IWING received Korea’s Best Mobile App Award on the 25th by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning in Korea.

IWING aims not only to expand its business, but also to create societal values that can benefit the society, as shown by its consistent engagement in various community service activities.

Nam-wook Kim, IWING’s launcher and app developer, said, “I strongly believe that children’s imaginative powers should be provided to everyone equally. That’s how we came up with the business idea. Despite much concern on smartphone’s negative effects on children, I believe what is more important than the smartphone itself is what contents they use on smartphones.”

Kim added, “IWING will become a must-have app that all family members can enjoy. Meanwhile, we will continuously strive to make an e-book platform whereby diverse publishing companies and authors can help distributing their works, while users can get customized services that satisfy their unique needs.”

Fortunately, there are many positive signs for the business. The South Korean market for e-books is deemed as a booming sector. Some analysts reported that the South Korean e-book market grew 80 percent since last year, with the size of the market for e-books reaching $519.8 million in 2013, compared to $ 310.3 million tallied a year earlier. Many analysts said the increase is mainly attributable to the rising number of South Koreans holding smartphones and tablet computers.

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