This Week’s App Market (9/22-9/26)

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Here is a brief overview of South Korea’s application market on both Google Play and the App Store.

For both rankings, Kakao Talk remains invincible in the Top 3. Followed by Kakao Talk, Facebook and its messenger app are also ranked in the Top 5 of the App Store.


Google Play

google play rank

1.V3 Mobile Plus 2.0

This app is an anti-malware app for Android devices. It runs a test every hour to protect the mobile device from any potential malicious code and software, especially for mobile payments. The increase in rank comes as Kakao Pay was introduced in early September.

2. MILK Music

MILK Music is an innovative music application that offers curated playlists. It contains about 220 channels sorted into different genres. The app is entirely free, with no charges for music or registration fee.

3. Kakao Talk

4. Kakao Pick

Developed by Kakao Talk Corporation, Kakao Pick offers exclusive discounts and deals for mobile shopping. Users can get additional discounts when they share items they like with friends on Kakao messenger.

5. Wasseop Jugong for Kakao Talk

The only game app that made it to the Top 5, Wasseop is a strategy game where the ultimate goal is to take over castles. There are over hundreds of castles available in the game for the users to conquer using their weapons, maps, treasures, and relations with other players.



ios rank


Telegram is a messaging app, launched in August 13, 2013. This mobile messaging app is not only known for its speed and security, but also for reliability, protected privacy, and lack of advertisements. It also has a cloud system that allows users to access web storage through all of the users’ devices.  Telegram has a secret-chat feature, where both users can erase their sent contents whenever and wherever.

2. Kakao Talk

3. Hangul 10 Key

Hangul 10 Key app is a Korean keyboard application that provides easy layouts to learn and type Korean. Users can adjust the colors and fonts according to their tastes, or insert their preferred photos in the background as well. A unique feature for this app is that users can select their most used symbols to their keyboard to access them easily and quickly.

4. Facebook

5. Facebook Messenger


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