Simple, Swift, and Secure File Transfers with Send Anywhere


Data drives our current mobile era and the engineers at ESTmob, Inc. present us with a powerful product to optimize how data is managed.

Short for “Emotional Science and Technology mobile,” ESTmob is a South Korea-based startup that wants to revolutionize the way we transfer data. According to its webpage, the revolution is rather straightforward: “Simple, Unlimited, Instant File Transferring.”

Send Anywhere, ESTmob’s file transfer platform, allows mobile users to send files across devices using a P2P mechanism that renders many of our current mediums passé. For starters, the app does not require users to sign-up or login. The user simply chooses a file to transfer and waits for a temporarily generated 6-digit key confirmation. The designated recipient enters the key, which pairs the two devices directly, and gains access to the file.

With design, ESTmob is focused on simplicity. Upon opening the app, users are asked to either send or receive. Users can send photos, audio files, videos, contacts, or data files from mobile devices, and also from PCs through the Send Anywhere website.

The novelty of Send Anywhere is two-fold: 1) file size is unlimited, unlike many electronic couriers, and 2) files are not stored on a server space (confirmation keys expire within 24 or 48 hours, depending on user settings).

ESTmob was selected as one of South Korea’s ten startups to present its product Send Anywhere at beGLOBAL2014, a tech conference held at San Francisco this past September 12. The app has so far been installed on over 200,000 devices.

Currently, ESTmob is working on establishing partnerships with electronic couriers to integrate Send Anywhere’s powerful engine with mobile messenger apps.


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