Notefolio Offers Transactions of Art through ‘DOT.’


On Oct. 15, creative network Notefolio announced the impending opening of its newest feature ‘DOT.,’ through which artists will have the capacity to commercialize their artworks in the form of household goods and accessories.

Notefolio, started in 2011, functions as a curating platform dedicated to showcasing independent artwork and promoting the ink setters behind it. Registered Notefolio users can follow numerous, eclectic exhibitions, ranging from puerile face scans to elaborate graphic designs. Users can also access curator profiles, in which the curators may promote personal channels, events and more.

DOT., currently in the beta stage, essentially will operate as Notefolio’s web store. Once officially launched, consumers will be able to purchase unique items from the web page.

The novelty of these products will reside in their design, as they will be crafted by popular artists.

“We hope that by offering this transaction of art, between artist and consumer through DOT., a more intimate relationship between the two will form,” said Jin Suk Song, CEO of Notefolio.

By Oct. 22, Notefolio will have two product lines available for purchase: DOT. X KIM GUN JOO and DOT. X KIM CHAM SAE. The former is a series of ornately designed drinking glasses, and the latter, a pair of illustrated tote bags. Notefolio users can now vote on the DOT. X KIM GUN JOO product designs to be sold.

“As an artist [on Notefolio], it is hard to quantify the impact my art has on the public,” said Cham Sae Kim, whose product line is to be available on DOT. “DOT. provides a more concrete and transparent way to gauge my art’s reception.”

When starting Notefolio, Song believed that creating a vivacious community of artists would augment the value of artistry in contemporary South Korean culture.

“There are many artists and designers who create products but do not know how to promote their work. We want to help them,” Song told Platum in 2013, when Notefolio was still newly off the ground.

Today, Notefolio boasts a community of over 7000 artists and 44,000 works of art.


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