BabyFriends, SNS for Mothers and Toddlers, Secures Investment


BabyFriends, a location based SNS for mothers, secured investments from Hee Woo Lee, the CEO of IDG Ventures Korea. Hee Woo Lee is also the host of venture and startup podcast “Just Start, Don’t be a Chicken” and the author of the startup mentoring book based on the podcasts.

Lee has been carefully monitoring the startup’s performance since its launch and has decided to invest in the business upon BabyFriends’ recent synergetic merger with the Woowa Sisters Corp, a startup that aims to create a fair working environment and services for moms. With the merger, Woowa Sister’s app’s for moms, MaMaTalk, will integrate with the BabyFriends.It is also Lee’s first investment as an individual angel, not on a company level.

The founds of BabyFriends are fathers and mothers who have deep understanding about the childcare market and those who care about providing services for young mothers. The hands on experience and understanding  company itself is made up of fathers and mothers who have high understanding about the baby market, which strengthens their projects, marketing, design, and development.

The company’s app, also named BabyFriends, is a year old social networking platform designed to connect young mothers with other mothers with babies similar in age. The BabyFriends mobile application uses the mothers’ location to connect them to the other mothers in the same neighborhood, thereby allowing them and their toddlers to find new friends. The app creates a space for mothers to empathize with other mothers. Mothers can share information, knowledge, and stories regarding raising their children, The application also supports both individual chats and group discussions via the community posts.

Although its name suggests bringing together of toddlers, BabyFriends  aims to create a community of young mothers who have something in common. As women become mothers, their babies become the biggest common interest between them and other women. It is therefore easier for them connect based on the age of their children.

Minhee Ryu, the CEO of BabyFriends, expressed her ambitious plan to provide a service that best understands the needs and the minds of the young mothers. “There is a lack of social networking service that targets mothers in the market. Using our deep understanding of our users and research, we hope to create a service that best understands their needs”.

The BabyFriends mobile application is currently available for Android smartphones.

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