Private Venue Booking Site Pinspot Opens Website


In a densely populated metropolis like Seoul, finding a private venue can be rather troublesome. Not only is private space hard to find, but also a significant hassle to book and pay for. For Seoulites, bookable private spaces in the city are usually limited to motels, upscale restaurants, and karaoke clubs. Without the means to travel out of the city, or the power to spend big sums of money, renting a private venue different from the typical places takes a lot of effort and resources.

Pinspot, which newly launched services on Nov. 5th, has set out to address that problem. The website provides a consolidated platform for searching, booking, and paying for using the space. To date, the website has around 100 registered venues in Seoul, consisting of small studios, pop-up stores, and nightclubs. Some of the quirkier ones include public baths (local mogyoktangs that arelike spas), and helicopters. Most party spaces come as package that include various amenities. Depending on the venue, renters can enjoy a wide array of free services such as professional photoshoots and catering services.

To book spaces, users can search space by event types – parties, corporate gatherings, marriage proposals, etc. and submit a reservation inquiry. A few minutes later, Pinspot sends a text message indicating whether or not the selected venue is available for use. If all goes well, users are required to reserve within 12 hours, and make a payment within 6 hours of confirmation. Unfortunately at this point, payments can be made only via Internet Explorer with Active-X security packages. While the smaller, amenity-free spaces cost about $50/hour, some of the more grand, luxurious options go up to $2,000/hour. Pinspot takes 20% of the published price as commission.

Pinspot prides itself for being the first online venue booking services in South Korea . The platform is the first to gather rental information from multiple party spaces, and offer a one-stop site for booking and payment services.

“We’re off to a good start,” remarks CEO Won Joon Chung. “It’s been really hard for people to find private spaces. I think it’s why our website has received so much traffic since opening.” The company hopes to expand its service within and outside the greater Seoul metropolitan area.

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