Microsoft Korea Launches ‘Transformation Project’ to Help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Implement Smarter Work Environments


On Nov. 12, Microsoft Korea announced that it will launch ‘Transformation Project’ to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South Korea implement smarter work environments.

“Smart work environment was in high-demand among SMEs that need fast decision-making and flexible work environment, but the expensive cost of initial investment and high technological barriers have unfortunately discouraged many of them from implementing the new system,” said Woo Sung Lim, Microsoft Korea’s Executive Director. “Through this new project, Microsoft hopes to accelerate SMEs’ adoption as well as familiarity with smart work environment.”

In order to build on wider customer base for Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has recently been taking many initiatives to instill confidence among business customers, including Korean SMEs. Transformation Project is one of the initiatives aimed at attracting more businesses among its Surface Pro 3 customers.

Transformation Project will provide selected SMEs five Surface Pro 3s with the the latest OS, and free access to Office 365 Business for a year. In addition, Microsoft will also provide free smart work education programs to employees, and $20,000 in discount benefits to selected firms. These initiatives are all aimed at maximizing work productivity of SMEs through smart work.

Up until now, many SMEs have hesitated from installing smart work environment in workplace due to high initial cost and lack of IT infrastructures needed. Through Transformation Project, the SMEs, particularly those that are not as tech-savvy as innovative tech companies and startups, are expected to gain a substantial leap-forward in their work productivity, improvement in ROI and enhancement of employees’ satisfaction with their work environment. It will be particularly helpful for firms that have planned to replace their old IT infrastructures with new versions at cheap expenses.

Firms with less than 150 employees are eligible for applying for Transformation Project.Firms will undergo several evaluation processes by Microsoft and finalists will be notified by Dec. 15.

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