Seedpaper Launches Mobile App for Self Beauty, Beauty Mentoring Service


Mobile contents startup Seedpaper launched the official mobile application for its current web beauty service, Self Beauty, on November 25.

Self Beauty is an online beauty mentoring app that provides beauty tips, know-hows and industry trends put together by make up experts and beauty professionals. From hair designer Cha Hong, make up artists, Hyun Jeung Woo, nail art professional Seon Hae Kang, and other mentors, Self Beauty is a well-established beauty mentoring app in Korea with more than 50,000 users throughout multiple social networks like Kakao Talk Plus, Kakao Story, Facebook, and the web service itself.

Seedpaper hopes to establish Self Beauty as the top beauty mentoring app in Korea , which would bring the service closer to its users right on their mobile devices. As the name suggests, Self Beauty gives tips and information from professionals that users can try at home without the need of expensive equipment or service from professionals. From tutorials to product tips, Self Beauty users can personalize their experiences.

Young Jin Cho, the CEO of Seedpaper, plans to expand the business to more of a  beauty mentoring service that provide personalized beauty tips, so that its users can pick and choose the types of beauty advice they need. “We hope to deliver more a customized experience for each of the users, helping to shape and improve each one of their lifestyles.

The web-service contents are categorized into SelfBeauty Now, SelfBeauty Tip, SelfBeauty Shop, SelfBeauty Mentor, and Events. But with the launch of the new mobile application, Seedpaper maximized and optimized the program, adding Beauty Mate contents put together by power bloggers to provide practical and up-to-date beauty know-hows, which is only available on the mobile app. The mobile application also shows the hot trends curated by the beauty editors at a competitive, discounted price that differs from online shopping malls.

South Korea is known for its demanding interest in the beauty and cosmetic industry. In  recent years, the South Korean cosmetic industry has been expanding into the international market as well. For instance, the major cosmetic company AmorePacific has already made its global debut, and its consumer stock sale has been growing, up by 127% since last year. The popularity of Korean culture, or the “Korean Wave,” also adds to the Korean cosmetic demand as celebrities market beauty products in dramas and movies. Last year, tourists from China spent about $7.5 billion dollars in Korea just on cosmetics, a statistic which has doubled since three years ago. With the growing interest in Korean beauty products, HSBC Holdings PLC estimated that South Korean cosmetic exports will grow at an annual pace of about 60%, a dramatic increase. The positive future of cosmetic market in Korea provides evidence for Self Beauty continuous growth. .

Seedpaper is currently running a promotional event until December 31, 2014. For all new users during the launch event, Seedpaper will add $2 credit to use towards paid contents on the application.

The new Self Beauty mobile application is now available for free on Google Play Store.

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