My Music Taste, Empowering Fans to Make Concerts They Want


Five South Korean startups were named Top 10 Best Startups at the 2014 Asia Beat conference held Dec 1-2 in Taipei. Of the five that were recognized, My Music Taste (MMT) developer JJS Media won honorable second place. As runner-up in the competition, JJS Media was also awarded three months lease for workspace at StarRocket, a Taiwan-based startup incubator backed by Syntrend Creative Park.

Describing itself as a “fan-initiated concert making platform,” MMT allows music lovers to nudge their favorite artists to come perform where they live. The way it works is that users, dubbed TasteMakers in MMT, “make” or submit concert requests on the platform. In a request, TasteMakers indicate how much they would be willing to pay for tickets. They may also share their bids on social media for support from other users. When there is enough demand, MMT brings it to the attention of musicians and their agents. Once a wished-for concert turns into reality, TasteMakers become one of the first to get admission benefits, such as ticket discounts or preorder privileges.

On MMT users can see which other concerts are currently on-demand or on sale in their home city. For artists and agencies, MMT positions itself as a provider of accurate market data. By giving demand figures collected from actual user responses, MMT hopes to help musicians discover new markets for their work, as well as give entertainment agencies a better idea of how to estimate, plan and organize an appropriate scale for a profitable concert.

JJS Media was co-founded by a duo of a KAIST and a Carnegie Mellon graduate, current CEO Ethan Lee and CTO Jinwook Baek. The service beta-launched in April 2013, and has since then received numerous accolades from the Korean startup community. To name a few, MMT won bronze medal at the 2013 Korea Startup Battle, and was shortlisted the same year as Top 5 at the Start Tel Aviv Korea contest. MMT’s latest feat achievement in Asia Beat came as a result of impressing investors and tech executives from five participant countries – China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

My Music Taste is available on Android, iOS, and the web.

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