Yellow Mobile’s Location-Based SNS ‘1km’ Targets Global Market With International Version


Yello Mobile’s location-based SNS ’1km’ has announced the launch of their international version, which now supports ten different languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Thai. Riding the current of ‘Korean-Wave’, they are targeting South-east Asian and Latin American countries, which are hotspots for Korean popular culture. There is a long term plan to expand their global coverage further in the future.

The app, which uses GPS to connect people within a 1km radius of each other now has 3 million users and launched in December 2012. As well as instant chat, 1km users are able to share their daily life with people within 1km of them, as part of their in-app SNS service. Imagine a personal facebook news feed that is open to the world. The app’s main features are ‘Say’ and ‘Chat,’ which anyone who has the app installed can use to connect with any other user on the service who is within 1km. “Someone within 1km can become your best friend or your lover with 1km,” according to a company release. Having test-driven the service it does seem like a very easy way of connecting with new people, primarily for casual dating. They are now taking their service global.


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