EKAYWORKS Announces the “Smart” Vending Machine

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On Dec. 12, EKAYWORKS announced that they will be rolling out a “smart” vending machine that provides a different experience for individuals. The vending machine will allow customers to purchase items using their mobiles in lieu of cash.

EKAYWORKS, a company that specializes in server engineering and user experience, is a leader in the IoT (Internet of Things) market in South Korea. The company is a developer of an “Offline Networking Service” StayHi, which takes advantage of bluetooth connectivity to link people together based on their location.


Shin Dong Min, CEO of EKAYWORKS, stated that the Smart Vending Machine, “as the world’s first vending machine that integrates individual recognition technology,” will be both beneficial to customers and for businesses in that it “can act as a marketing tool” as well as provide a “new experience for customers.”

Products within the vending machine can range from canned drinks to other products, and can be utilized in marketing campaigns of companies. The smart vending machine, when not in use, displays customized advertisements.

The smart vending machine thus effectively combines digital signage and vending machine technology. Additionally, the vending machine will employ EKAYWORKS’ own ADS™ (Active Detecting System) technology, a bluetooth-based connectivity sensor. EKAYWORKS describes ADS as an opposite of beacon technology, in that it is the detector that actively senses individual smartphones.

The Smart Vending Machine will be made available from February of 2015, and will first be introduced to banks and large-scale retailers.

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