Coffing Wins Second Place at the 2014 Smart App Award


Coffing, Mango Apps‘ social dating application, won second prize for the communication area at the 2014 Smart App Award. Mango Apps is one of Korea’s top mobile application developers.

Hosted by the Korea Internet Professional Association, the Smart App Award awards the most innovative and successful mobile apps either developed or updated throughout the year. Apps are awarded in different categories such as overall best, most innovative, best in each category, and special grand prize. A total of 2,000 judges chooses winners in 37 different categories.

This year’s second-place winner for the communication area, Coffing, has been gaining much interest from app developers and users for its innovative ways of connecting its users together.

The name Coffing is derived from the verb form of drinking coffee: the idea for the app came from typical face-to-face coffee dates. Unlike other social dating or matchmaking apps, Coffing focuses on the real, genuine matchmaking experiences. It doesn’t put its main focus on the users’ pictures and looks, but works to analyze each of the user’s preferences and likes before recommending matches.

Coffing offers three different types of matching experiences—”choose your style”, “choose by voice”, and “choose the new face”. “Choose your style” occurs everyday at noon. The users are presented with four possible matches and have to choose the one out of four in a tournament style. Mango Apps integrated BCMS (Behavioral Curation Matching System) to analyze each user’s basic information and behaviors to select the top match. This is how the app distinguishes itself from other matchmaking apps, increasing the likelihood of the users finding a realistic match with higher chance of success.

The second option, “choose by voice”, is the voice feature that the judges of the award particularly liked. At 8PM, the users get to listen to two different candidates introduce themselves in their real voices accompanied by blurred pictures to get an idea of what the person looks like. This feature eliminates the chances of the users picking someone just based on looks and gives them more to base their decisions. The voice feature also gives it a more realistic feel, as if the users were actually meeting each other.

The last option, “choose the new face” occurs twice a day, at 8 AM and at 6 PM. This service is a first-come-first-served basis where the first few who log onto the app gets introduced to new members. Such feature adds competitiveness to the app.

The app collaborates with Starbucks to offer incentives to its users. For each of the different activities on the app, users receive “coffee beans.” For instance, users can earn coffee beans for adding details to their profile, responding to requests, rating first impressions, and such. Once they collect certain number of coffee beans, the users receive free starbucks coffee.

Yoon Young Jeong, CEO of Mango Apps, plans to complete all necessary updates by the end of year and will move the focus onto marketing for full-on branding efforts for Coffing.

Coffing is available on both iOS and Android.

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