Vibration Messenger ‘Knock’ Offers Discreet Attention-Grabbing


On Dec. 8, Korean startup UNIQLASS added elegant personalization features to ‘Knock,’ a telecommunication app through which users can communicate unique vibration patterns to their friends.

“Originally, we created this app as a private remedy for the inconveniences of texting our own friends,” said Yong-Won Koo, Knock’s Founder.

“I always receive text messages while on the verge of falling asleep, and it takes quite an effort to construe comprehensive responses in one’s languid state.”

Knock serves one primary service: attracting attention. Users can send friends personalized notifications by tapping on their smartphones. On the recipients’ end, the notifications sound like a door knock corresponding to the inputted tap pattern.

Officially released in late October, Knock follows a recent chain of wordless messenger applications like Snapchat and Yo, which have provided mobile users the means to connect with others via images and sound rather than standard text and phone call.

Both Yo and Knock distinguish themselves from apps like Snapchat through their apparent one-dimensionality. Whereas Snapchat allows users to send messages through snapshots and videos, Yo and Knock only promote one feature.

However, unlike Yo, which issues a rather disruptive “YO!” with each application, Knock allows unique but subtle ways of checking recipients’ availability.

Send a knock to a friend and wait to see if the friend returns the knock or sends a message.

The team behind the app believes the messenger also possesses practical potential.

“You be placed dangerous situation, you call your friends that use Knock!” suggests the Knock’s twitter handle.

The recent update allows users to create personal and public profiles. Profiles include a display photo, a picture of the user’s national flag and the user’s occupation, birthday and number of friends.



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