Flitto and Mango Plate collaborate to target new users

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Crowd-sourcing translation platform Flitto and restaurant app Mango Plate have collaborated for a marketing campaign. Starting Dec. 15, Flitto has been providing Korean to English translations for Mango Plate’s restaurant information. In turn, Mango Plate would provide exposure for Flitto on their media site.

Flitto is a translation service in which users provide translations on content submitted by other users.  In return, translators receive points. Mango Plate uses big data and social network information to recommend restaurants to its users.

For Flitto, the collaboration takes place in the form of a special “event” for users. Users can translate short blurbs introducing various restaurants into English, and earn 100 to 200 points per translation. The points can later be traded in for various products, gift cards or cash.

The two startups’ collaboration strategy was devised to explore a new user base. With multilingual accessibility, Mango Plate hopes to expand their user base to include foreigners living in South Korea or tourists from abroad. Although the app offers an English translation option, restaurant information and reviews were offered exclusively in Korean.

This campaign is not the first of its kind for Flitto. Flitto is already undergoing a project with Add2Paper, a free printing service for college students. With the points that users have accumulated in Flitto, users can print paper through Add2Paper. Additionally, more and more startups planning to expand to foreign markets have been using Flitto to translate their content. Flitto, as a social translation service, offers a more affordable alternative to professional translation companies.

Lee Jung Su, CEO of Flitto, stated that his plans for future collaboration with other start-up companies: “I believe that collaboration with other startups will help overcome the difficult economy, just as penguins stick together to brave the cold.”
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