Noom Coach Integrates with Wearable Device Misfit


Global healthcare application developer Noom announced on January 5 that its weight loss app, Noom Coach, will be integrated with the wearable device, Misfit. Even though there have been many talks about Noom Diet’s integration with wearable devices, this is the first time that the developer has integrated its service with a wearable.

Misfit is an activity and sleep monitor that tracks the user’s movements and activities using sensor technology. Unlike other wearable wristbands, Misfit can be worn anywhere, on a wrist, neck, waist, in pockets, or wherever comfortable. The versatility makes it possible to track all sorts of exercises and physical activities, including swimming as it’s waterproof. The hardware then connects with the mobile app for automatic data transfer and analytics. Then the app uses the analyzed data to customize a weight loss program for the users.

When users enter their personal information, Noom Coach provides a customized diet plan to support individuals’ weight loss goals. When the user enters in their daily food intake, the app calculates the total amount of calorie intake to factor into their diet plan. The integration with  Misfit will offer more sophisticated feedbacks with more accurate data.

Saeju Chung (CEO) believes that the “technical integration will make it more effective for both the misfit users looking to change their diets for a healthier lifestyle with Noom users looking to calculate their activities in a more stylish way”.

Both Misfit Shine and Flash support integration with Noom Coach app, which is available on iOS and Android. Service is also available in English, Korean, Japanese, and German.

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