Line Releases A Standalone Sticker App For Discovering New Stickers Because… Stickers


Stickers. They’re big in Asia and going global, don’t you know? Line, a company that makes more than $10 million per month from selling them and also lets regular people submit designs, has so many packs that it created a new app that specifically helps you find new ones.

If you think Facebook’s standalone app for adding stickers to your photos is overkill, then the Line Stickers app for iOS and Android is most definitely not for you.

The app serves up over a million stickers, letting Line users tag the ones they like with phrases. Tagged stickers show up in a feed of Line users from each country, allowing others to vote on them, leave comments and tag friends.

I am interested in applying design thinking to the business. I love to code in Central Park on weekends and build something people love to use. You can reach me at


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