Daum Kakao launches Zap, a 24-hour photo messaging app

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On January 13, Korea’s IT and mobile company Daum Kakao launched Zap, a self-destructing photo messaging app. Users can use Zap to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Daum Kakao, the IT giant and owner of popular messaging service KakaoTalk, plans to provide users with a new platform of communication with Zap. The app targets tech-savvy people in their teens and twenties who are more familiar with visual content than text-based content. In contrast to other messaging services that keep a comprehensive record of past conversations, Zap is concerned solely with the present. The app allows users to focus on the most relevant and current trends.

The app works essentially like a messaging app, but with pictures. Using the Zap app, users can take pictures and share them with their friends. To share content, users need to set up individual or group chat rooms. Using existing contacts from their Kakao Talk accounts, users can request to add friends from their contacts. Users can then “zap” their friends with short 5-second videos or photos. The pictures disappear after 24 hours. When users are inactive for more than 48 hours, the chat room itself self destructs as well.

In addition to chat rooms, users can also take advantage of “Theme Chat Rooms,” in which users can upload photos for all users to see according to themes such as current trends, hobbies and interests. Currently, only two theme chatrooms exist that deal with themes of winter landscapes and good restaurants, with plans for more to be added. These rooms serves as social networking platforms  themselves, in which all users can comment on or like  the content.  Everything uploaded and recorded in theme chatrooms also disappears after 24 hours.

Reminiscent of Snapchat, in which users can send pictures that self destruct after a few seconds, Zap’s launch follows discontent with privacy laws in Korea. Last year, allegations of government surveillance of KakaoTalk sparked controversy as several users voiced concerns with using the messaging service.

Zap is available globally through App Store or Google Play.

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