Daum Kakao Launches KakaoGroup PC Version


On Jan. 14, Daum Kakao announced that it would launch Kakao Group PC version that allows users to write and upload photos and videos on KakaoGroup, using PC.

In response to a number of limitations that KakaoGroup mobile version had, Daum Kakao has launched the PC version earlier than expected.

Since Daum Kakao has first introduced open groups and group search function in KakaoGroup last October, activities among a variety of special interest groups have increased substantially, increasing demand on desktop version that is capable of faster and more convenient file sharing and communication among users.

Once logged into KakaoGroup PC version, users can share files without logging into KakaoGroup’s mobile platform. Therefore, with Kakao Group PC version, users no longer have to send individual file from their mobile devices to PC devices.

Anyone can create a group and invite members through his or her KakaoTalk platform, thereby allowing users to move their conversation back and forth from private group chats to public group chats more conveniently.

According to Kakao, KakaoGroup PC version is ideal for those who have to write long letters or upload multiple files. The new version is also well-matched for teams working on school projects, or select groups of relatives.

KakaoGroup is Daum Kakao’s social network platform, which has more than 18 million cumulative downloads in South Korea with 16 million active users across more than 10 million groups.

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