Born2Global to introduce 10 Korean startups at Demo Day in Silicon Beach


Born2Global, an agency under the Korean government’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning that supports Korean startups, will introduce 10 companies at DemoDay named “B2G Connect-The future of Korea” in LA & OC. The event will take place in two locations at the Real Office Centers in Santa Monica on Feb. 3 and Newport Beach on Feb. 4.

Promising Korean startups, including leading companies in cyber security solutions, kids’ educational content mobile platform and iBeacon technology, will attend DemoDay to look for investors and business partners in the U.S.

David Oh, Managing Director of Born2Global said, “The DemoDay will offer a springboard for Korean startups by learning what US investors are looking for and how to prepare for it.”

Established in 2013, Born2Global provides Korean startups with various consulting services free of charge in one convenient location. Its expertise includes training, investment, law, patent, accounting, and marketing. Following Silicon Beach’s DemoDay, Born2Global has plans to introduce additional startups at other international markets such as the Belgium, UK, China, and Japan.

The following startups will participate in DemoDay:

NPCore (security engine /

A leading cyber security company, NPCore created the ZombieZERO Personal, the world’s first personal APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) defense solution. ZombieZERO Personal uses an agent-based behavioral engine that not only identifies known malware, but also newly developed viruses.

HUiNNO (wearable technology /

A healthcare tech company that developed CIRCLO, a smart watch that measures blood pressure instantly without traditional cuffs.

BLUEPIN (edu app service /

This startup founded KidsWorld, the No. 1 children’s educational app with over 30 million downloads worldwide. Bluepin’s solution develops material from educational content providers into interactive content geared toward kids and gathers them in one convenient portal.

Siliconarts (real-time ray-tracing technology /

Silicon Arts provides an unprecedented virtual reality experience through RayCore and RaySound, which uses ray-tracing technology for realistic light effects and sounds.

ASD Korea (cloud service /

The company develops big data and cloud solution for both personal and business purposes.

It recently launched Cloudike, a cloud solution that stores data through OpenStack, Mongo DB, and Python. Clients include LG Cloud, MegaDisk, and Vestel.

Gruter (big data warehouse system /

This startup introduced the Apache Tajo, a data warehouse system that can perform massive data analysis with advanced distributed processing architecture and query optimization algorithms.

Perples (inaudible ultrasonic technology /

Perples brings the next generation of iBeacons through the RECO Manager, a “mother” beacon that helps businesses manage multiple beacons and send instant information to customers through Bluetooth even more efficiently.

NextAeon (3D photography & 360 degrees video solutions /

This startup seeks to build the ideal web viewing experience. Its newest product PanoScape focuses on integrating digital media content, including 3D photography and 360 degree-videos.

Becos (accent reduction app /

Becos’ Clear Speech app guides English learners in pronunciation with state-of-the-art 3D imaging and audio technology to demonstrate how each sound is formed.

ARA Networks (network solution /

The company’s fixed mobile converged cache solution allows users to surf the web and stream video faster than ever before by saving bandwidth and enhancing quality of experience.



#About Born2Global

Established in September 2013, Born2Global is the major vehicle under the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, to support domestic start-up companies tapping into the international market from the early stages. Born2Global has been providing consulting services in various fields covering training, investment, law, patent, accounting, and marketing to foster global start-up companies and also developing a domestic start-up ecosystem and a support system designed to form a virtuous cycle.




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