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On average, American computer graphic designers’ annual salary is about $44,000. In South Korea, their salary is less than half of that. According to Career Net, Korea’s Minsitry of Education sponsored career website, average salary is about $20,000. In order to sustain many of nation’s talented graphic designers, Shakr Media created Shakr’s Designers Platform to collaborate and partner with designers to make sure the designers are fairly compensated for their work and talent. While the graphic designers benefit from extra earnings, users then have access to works by best graphic designers around the globe.

So what is Shakr? It is an online platform where both amateaur and  professional motion graphic designers upload their Adobe After Effects templates. Consumers can then purchase the templates to personalize them into their own projects. Shakr brings together professionals who have done work for major brands like Samsung, Nike, and CBS Sports. Through Shakr, the designers have another way of earning income. According to their website, “designers earn 70% of net revenue generated by their templates”. Shakr’s service is available in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Shakr’s Designers platform creates a network for motion graphic designers to “have creative and financial ownership” of their own work, thereby allowing them the freedom to make earnings from their own works, without any limitations set by companies and agencies. Anyone from college students and freelancers to corporate workers and professors may join the Shakr’s Designers Platform and post their works on Shakr.

Last month, freelance designer Kwon made about $3600 in profit through Shakr. According to the Ministry of Economy’s R&D strategy plan, the reason for low income is that the number of graphic designers is disproportionately bigger than the jobs available. With the slogan “Designers Love Shakr”, Shakr is working vigorously to create more jobs for designers.

As of now, there are about 500 different templates that users can use. The service is available not only for personal use, but also for corporates and non-profit organizations.

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