[Korean Startup Interview] Control In-Store Tracking Beacons with Perple’s RECO Manager


As you walk into a store, a cookie-shaped tracking beacon notes that you just entered. A connected phone app, then welcomes you and suggests current special offers with a map of the store’s layout and product coupons – all made possible by RECO Beacon.

Founded in April 2012, Korean-based IT company Perples has developed RECO Beacon, a device using Bluetooth to interact with supported hardware. RECO Beacon is a certified iBeacon, a small wireless device that allows proximity sensing, enabling store owners to communicate with customers based on their geographic location within the store.

I am interested in applying design thinking to the business. I love to code in Central Park on weekends and build something people love to use. You can reach me at sehwan@techforkorea.com


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