English educational tutor BeNative Premium launches in Japan

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BeNative Premium, a business English education app, launched in Japan. BeNative Premium is a combination of both offline and online English programs. The service is currently only available to corporate clients in Japan.

According to SMATOOS, the Korea-based company that developed the app, the company has prepared for the launch by collaborating with GROLEN, an educational service in Japan.

GROLEN, a company whose clientele includes Sony Life Insurance, Avex Group Holdings, and other large Japanese corporations, will service BeNative Premium in Japan.

SMATOOS has launched several different versions of its BeNative English education apps. The first incarnation of BeNative first launched in Korea in May 2012. Since then, SMATOOS has launched BeNative 2.0, and BeNative Pro.

BeNative analyzes videos and interviews of professionals to identify the most commonly used phrases in the business world. Users can thus study idioms and phrases often used in the business world. The content is geared toward specific situations that users will likely encounter in their careers, such as conferences, pitch presentations, and business trips.

In its native Korea, BeNative targets a high demand English education market. In 2013, South Koreans spent more than 18 trillion won ($18 billion) on private education, with English education making up a third of private education spending.

English is especially in the context of the job market. Knowledge of English is deemed crucial in South Korea, with many employers requiring standardized English test scores.

BeNative Pro, the Korean counterpart to BeNative Premium, launched in January of 2015 in Korea. It has seen steady growth as it targeted corporations and universities. The app provides English education that is especially geared to help students deal with real-world business situations.


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