GIISP Demoday introduces 4 Korean Startups entering Chinese market

korean startup gsiip

After a three-month acceleration program, four seasoned Korean startups pitched their businesses to the audience gathered at the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai on 27th January. At this closed event were invited VCs, business partners and selected media from both countries. GSIIP (Global Startup Incubating Internship Program) is a three-month internship program, specifically designed to support market-proven Korean startups expanding to the global market. The program was sponsored by KISA and Startup Alliance and operated by NEOPLY China, providing local accelerator and investors’ professional mentorships for localization and legal, business developing consulting to startups. KISA and Startup Alliance signed a cooperative partnership with NEOPLY China in advance and co-developed the internship program for startups, aimed to expand into the Chinese market.

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