Coco Biz, a Dating App for the Workplace


Coco Biz, a dating app that targets corporate employees, launched on Feb 4. The service aims to provide single employees with possible love interests.

In contrast to other online dating services that cater toward the individual user, Coco Biz operates within the user’s workplace. Individual companies can choose to make Coco Biz available for their employees. For those companies, Coco Biz selectively matches single employees of the company with each other using the company’s intranet.

Users who wish to enroll in the service can set up a profile and provide information to become matched with up to three users. For each user, Coco Biz looks for prospective matches within the same company or its subsidiaries. If a user wishes to meet people outside of his or her workplace, he or she can choose to have Coco Biz search from more than 60,000 existing users of Cocoa Book, the non-corporate counterpart of Coco Biz.

According to April7, Inc., the creator of Coco Biz, a dating service that operates within the workplace, the app has certain advantages. Users concerned with privacy, who would otherwise not use a social dating service, would be more likely to use Coco Biz, as they would not meet total strangers but co-workers.

Despite concerns of reduced productivity or possible conflicts of interest that may accompany workplace romance, many large corporations in Korea are actively encouraging marriage within the workplace for the well-being of its employees. According to a survey of Samsung employees, more than 40% agreed that workplace romance was a good idea.

April7, the creator of Coco Biz and Cocoa Book, stated that Coco Biz will be serviced primarily to large corporations and portals with more than a thousand employees at this stage. In 2012, the top 100 corporations in Korea employed more than 785,000 employees. Jin Hwan Kim, CEO of April7, stated that Coco Biz will help boost its profit as “stable relationships in the workplace ultimately lead to better productivity and efficiency.”



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