Spacosa’s Location Tracker “LINK” Officially Released

Spacosa Link

Spacosa announced on Feb 5 that it officially released LINK, a portable beacon that works as a location tracker to prevent personal belongings from going missing.

LINK, only the size of a quarter, can locate  personal items like purses and passports. When attached to objects, the beacon can share location information to registered smartphones through Spacosa’s flagship location sharing application Famy. This application visually demonstrates where the objects attached with LINK are in real time. LINK can also be attached to moving objects such as children and pets to make it easier for their caretakers to check their whereabouts. When they move beyond a certain distance, or “safety zone,” LINK sends warning signals.

In fact, Famy alone can perform the same function of sending location information to registered smart devices. However, this means only the whereabouts of those with smart devices installed with Famy can be followed.

Woojoo Cho, representative of Spacosa, was aware of this limitation. He specifically mentioned how LINK aims to help people better track movable objects that do not or cannot own smart devices to share their location information. “Famy was popular enough to exceed 1 million downloads in a year, but it provided service exclusively to smartphone users. In order to overcome this limitation, Spacosa developed this portable beacon, LINK,” said Cho.

Spacosa is also planning on a business model in which both LINK and LINK-specific scanners would be provided to kindergartens or day care centers to improve children’s safety. Spacosa explains that once “LINK zone” is formed by installing LINK-specific scanners, teachers and parents can easily track the location of their children attached with LINK devices.

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