KPOP UNITED Placed 4th at Seedstars World


On Feb. 4, KPOP United placed fourth at Seedstars World, an international competition that introduces startups to the global stage, with its crowdsourcing platform Krowdpop.

Krowdpop is a crowdsourcing platform for Kpop concerts and the first of its kind. Using Krowdpop, KPOP fans around the world can request for their favorite K-pop artists to perform at their desired locations. The artists and the location with the most number of requests have higher chances of getting approved by Krowdpop. Once approved, the requested KPOP artists and city will be registered for a Krowdpop campaign, which is accompanied by a ticketing goal. In order for the concert to take place, fans are responsible for reaching the goal by a deadline. If the goal is not met, ticket buyers receive full refunds on their purchases.

The service not only alleviates mishaps caused by entertainment companies’ lack of understanding different fans’ diverse cultures and geographies, but also works as a marketing tool to get fans directly involved.

Last August, KPOP United won the preliminary round of Seedstar Seoul with Krowdpop and placed fourth out of the 36 participating Seedstars World finalists.

Seedstars World is “an exclusive startup competition in emerging markets [for which] high quality startups can receive an invitation and are then subject to a strict evaluation process.” The winning startup receives an equity investment of up to $500,000.

Invited startups go through a preliminary round within their own country before a final round competition in Geneva, Switzerland, as a representative of their nation.

The fact that KPOP United ranked 4th out of the 2,000 total startups that participated reflects that a Korean startup has potential to be recognized on an international level. Philippine payroll service Salarium took first place.

Mest, Google for Entreprenuers, and Microsoft were a few of the companies that attended as Seedstar’s partners. The winners were selected by high-profile judges, which include  renowned investors like Johnny El Hachem of Rothschild Private Equity, Jose Marin (Founder of Serendipity Investments), and Pierre-Alain Masson (Co-founder of Seedstars World).

Krowdpop aims to fully enter the global market with the support of global fans and promoters who are increasingly more attracted to Kpop. Last March, one of Korea’s emerging Kpop artist TeenTop successfully finished concerts in both the States and Canda, using the Krowdpop platform.

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