Couples app Between offers 10 million users a smart commitment

korean startup between

Valentine’s day is almost upon us, where lovers offer chocolates to symbolise their commitment. Private couple’s app Between, however, might be a better relationship aide than temporary sweetness. Between is a Korean mobile app for couples to create, share and curate all their special moments. Last December, the app’s maker VCNC (Value Creators & Company) revealed that it had hit a major milestone by reaching 10 million downloads globally, of which 50% came from overseas, mainly Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Japan’s mobile service leader DeNAmade a strategic investment in the company to support its million Japanese users, followed by a Series C round of US$4 million from Global Brain Corporation and 500 Startups in May 2014. VCNC is one of the hottest Korean startups gaining global attention, as we outlined in ‘Five Key Facts To Know about Korea’s Startup Ecosystem‘.



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