Beat Doubles User Number to 200M in Four Months


Beat Packing Company, maker of free music streaming app Beat, announced that the app has reached 200 million registered users. The new record comes just four months after the app surpassed its 100 million-user mark and less than a year since its release. Positioning itself as South Korea’s first free music streaming service, Beat competes with online music platforms such as NeoWiz Internet’s Bugs Music (NeoWiz Internet is also a partner of Kakao Music) and LOEN Entertainment’s MelOn.

Beat offers music streaming channels that include songs provided by major South Korean entertainment companies, such as S.M. Entertainment and YG Entertainment. Users can also listen to playlists personally curated by music experts and pop artists and download songs onto their phones by paying a fee. The platform also offers exclusive radio shows, jockied by K-pop celebrities, and social network features, for users to follow their friends’ listening activities.

Beat has been expanding its content offerings by inviting more celebrity DJs and introducing an Audio On-Demand service for popular radio shows from major broadcasters in South Korea. The app uploads the new recordings of the shows, which are popular among Koreans for their K-pop celebrity hosts.

Beat Packing Company is backed by several investors including Altos Ventures, Capstone Partners, and YG Entertainment. CEO Suman Park recently stated that the company had raised $12 million in Series B investments. He announced the news on his personal blog, where Park also expressed hopes that Beat’s free streaming service will become a game-changer in the South Korean digital music industry, where legal music playing and downloading are mostly offered for periodic subscription fees. These often unpopular fees on major music portals are typically around $10 to listen and download a limited number of songs per month.

Having gained much traction at home, Beat is now looking to expand its operations abroad and is considering Indonesia, Thailand, and the UK as potential markets.

The app is available on both Android and iOS.

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