ParkingPark collaborates with Tomato for Smart Parking System


Wise Mobile’s ParkingPark, an app that helps users find available parking spaces,  collaborated with Tomato Electronics, which specializes in parking systems and solutions, to create an O2O (Online-to-Offline), IoT-tech powered Smart Parking System.

First developed in 2013, ParkingPark has provided users with parking information on more than 8,500 free and public parking lots in South Korea. The app searches for the cheapest available parking space based on users’ GPS location. Then, it directs users to the parking space using guided navigation. In instances in which there are no free parking spaces available, ParkingPark provides information on spaces attached to grocery stores, malls, or restaurants, where parking is free with purchase. In the past, during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, the app provided information on temporary parking spaces set up for the occasion.

With the new smart parking system Tomato Electronics, ParkingPark will allow not only car owners but also owners of parking lots to profit from the service. Existing app users will be able to use the app to pay for parking on registered on Tomato Electronics’ systems. The app thus provides a fast and convenient way to keep track of parking hours and  fees.

Heung-rok Park, CEO of Wise Mobile, stated that the collaboration would be the “de facto start of Online to Offline services in parking.” The in-app purchase feature would enable operators of parking facilities to offer multiple parking options.

The purchase feature will be made available in April of this year in beta. The service will first roll out in Seongnam, a city south of Seoul, and expand to Seoul, Incheon before becoming available nationwide.

ParkingPark is available for Android on Google Play.

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