HwaHae, the Cosmetics Analysis and Review App, Reaches More Than One Million Cumulative Downloads in Korea


On Feb. 13, mobile service startup BirdView (CEO: Woong Lee) reported that the cosmetics analysis and review app HwaHae has reached more than one million cumulative downloads in South Korea. HwaHae provides users with reviews and ingredient information for various cosmetic products sold in the market.

Launched in July 2013, HwaHae has successfully cemented its status as the number one cosmetics review app in Korea, accumulating more than one million downloads in about a year and a half. Last year’s July, HwaHae also successfully secured a 600 million KRW investment from BonAngels and Japan’s CyberAgent Ventures.

The app currently provides information on more than 37,000 products from approximately 1,300 cosmetics brands. Using data provided by the Association of Korean Dermatologists (AKD), HwaHae categorizes ingredients by skin type and informs users which makeup products that best fit their needs.

Users, 96% of whom are female and 70% those in their 20s and 30s, can also use the app to upload reviews and ratings of cosmetic products. With more than 200,000 reviews already posted, HwaHae has played an active role in expanding the online cosmetics community.

“We would like to create a new impact in the cosmetics business by setting new trends in customers’ purchasing pattern. We will continually improve our service and quality to satisfy our customers’ needs,” said Woong Lee, CEO of BirdView. “We plan to gain information on more than 80% of the cosmetic products in Korea and secure more than one million cosmetics reviews by the end of the year.” He also has said in last year’s November that the company hopes to gather as many as 2.5 million users within this year.

In the meantime, HwaHae plans to launch additional services, including offline barcode scanning feature that allows users to scan barcodes with their mobile devices, and a cosmetics products ranking service. The company also plans to expand abroad, starting with launching a Chinese-launguage platform in China this year.

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