C2C Fashion Marketplace Dottegi To Go Online


Hip tech startup Union Pool recently announced that it will soon launch Dottegi Market online, a marketplace for secondhand fashion goods. The company plans to release Android and iOS apps for the marketplace, and expects to be fully active by April.

Dottegi Market aims to simplify peer-to-peer sales of used clothing and accesories. To save thrift shoppers the inconveniences and potential risks of encountering fraudulent sellers, Dottegi will step in as an intermediary buyer and seller. To sell on the marketplace, users request a free Cleanup Bag from Dottegi, a custom designed plastic bag for packaging. When prospective sellers receive the bag, they pack the goods and return it to Dottegi. A professional, in-house fashion merchandiser quotes an appropriate price for all items, and releases them on the marketplace. Once the item is purchased by another user, the original seller receives either cash or marketplace store credits within three days of the transaction.

The up and coming marketplace differentiates itself from competitors by doing all the grunt work involved in transactions. Sellers on Dottegi are not charged shipping fees for sending clothes to the market, nor required to figure out a price tag that will maximize their returns, and appear to act in good faith. For luxury brand items, Dottegi assures that its staff members will inspect product serial numbers to verify their authenticity. For buyers, the marketplace promises a fraud-free shopping experience.

The business model of taking all the workload from customers emerged from Dottegi Market’s experience as an offline flea market. Over the past three years, Union Pool has hosted twelve, single-day pop-up shops at various locations throughout Seoul. Dottegi Markets have created trendy spaces where shoppers can hunt for bargain fashion items while enjoying gigs from underground artists and DJs. Union Pool CEO Shi Ho Seong explains that it was in the offline marketplaces that his team learned much about the pain points in peer-to-peer sales of used goods.

“We believe that Dottegi will provide people unprecedented convenience by solving some of the most fundamental problems in used goods transactions.”

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