Long-Distance Food Delivery Startup Secures Investment from Silicon Valley

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On Feb. 25, CEO of Rock&Roll Business Group, Takmin Oh announced that the long-distance food delivery service ‘Meerae Sigdang’ has secured an investment from Sazze inc.. Sazze inc. is an E-Commerce company founded by Kiha Lee, the co-founder of Korea’s renowned startup incubator Primer.

Since its launch this year, Meerae Sigdang has established partnerships with famous restaurants across the South Korean peninsula including Gangwon-do, Gyeongsang-do, Jeolla-do, opening up a new horizon of delivery service.

Same-day delivery service has spiked in popularity lately. It has particular traction in Gangnam, where customers are willing to spend extra money for better food from outside the district. Recently with the collaboration with Korea’s most popular food delivery application, Baedal-ui-Minjok, Meerae Sigdang is continuously expanding the long-distance food delivery market.

However, the profiteers of this service are not only found in the consuming end. Local restaurants that have been suffering from the aggressive expansion of franchise restaurants find Meerae Sigdang to be invigorating for their business.

With Sazze’s investment, Meerae Sigdang’s long-distance food delivery service will reshape the market landscape in the food delivery industry, which has been dominated by short-distance delivery services.

“Using this investment as a springboard, we will focus on providing better foods to our customers,” said Oh. “From the strategic partnership with Sazze, we hope to learn the know-hows of Silicon Valley’s customer service and grow in the global market, especially in Asia.”


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